Fine and Performing Arts

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2024-2025 Course Selection Information for Students Currently in Grades 9 Through 11 (Includes Course Descriptions in Program of Studies)

2024-2025 Course Selection Information for Students Currently in Grade 8 (Includes Freshman Course Descriptions)

Stephen Miller
Director of Fine and Performing Arts

Phone: 508-647-6400 ext. 1701
Email: [email protected]

The Art Department offers a number of elective courses designed to give students the opportunity to study a broad range of materials and techniques in visual art. Students may choose to take courses in several subjects or to pursue one area of interest in depth. Courses are studio based and designed to appeal to students with a wide variety of abilities and interests. In addition to learning basic skills and new ways to express themselves, students will be introduced to both the history of art and contemporary trends in art.

The Music Department offers courses designed to contribute to the musical and aesthetic education of students with a wide variety of abilities and interests. The program provides opportunities to increase proficiency with a musical instrument or the musical voice through solo and group performance and to study music through Theory and Appreciation. In addition to courses that may be scheduled during the school day, additional opportunities are provided through the co-curricular Men's and Women's Choruses, the annual musical, and tuition-based private lesson program.
The Music Program's instrumental ensembles (Concert Band, Pep Band, Jazz Band and vocal ensembles (Concert Chorus, Styles, Chamber Singers and Singing for Theater) are designed to help the student develop musical skills essential for quality performance in musical organizations. Each of the courses provides experience with a variety of musical styles that encourage the student to appreciate music as a vehicle for expression. In addition, through rehearsals and concerts, the student is able to recognize and comprehend the value of collaboration and teamwork. 

The academic (Music Theory), and appreciation portions of the Music Program seek to develop insight into the mechanics and construction of music and the importance of music in world cultures. For students who choose not to participate in the instrumental and choral performance aspects of the program, these courses provide an opportunity to understand music as a medium for expression, to develop an informed set of values regarding different musical styles, and to increase the ability to find pleasure in music.

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