PTSO By-Laws

The name of this organization shall be the Natick High School Parent Teacher Students Organization, herein referred to as the PTSO.

The purpose of this organization shall be to foster cooperation and communication among parents, teachers, school administration, and students and to support and contribute to the quality and availability of educational and extracurricular programs, and shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan.

Membership shall include all parents/guardians of students of Natick High School and all students who pay the annual dues, such dues to be set by the Board. It shall also include all teachers and support staff as full members without payment of dues. In addition, administrators and interested community members are invited to be non-voting members of the organization. No names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personal information from membership lists shall be shared with other organizations without express written permission of each person listed.


Titles: The officers of this organization shall be Co-Presidents, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, and Corresponding Secretary. Qualifications: Officers shall be parent/guardian members of the PTSO in good standing. Only one office may be filled by a family member during the same school year.

Each officer shall serve a term of one year and no officer shall hold the same office for more than two consecutive years, but may continue to serve on the Board in another capacity. The term of office shall commence at the final meeting of the school year.

Duties: Each officer is expected to attend all board meetings and perform those duties attached to that office.
The co-presidents shall act as chairperson of all meetings of the PTSO. be an ex-officio member of all existing committees appoint two Natick High School Parents' Coordinating Council representatives and chairpersons to each standing committee.
create and appoint special committees as necessary. have the authority, along with the treasurer, to sign PTSO checks by means of a single signature. appoint a PTSO member to fill any vacancies ( other than that of president) that may occur during the year.

The treasurer shall -
receive and disburse all PTSO funds and render a written report at each meeting.
pay all bills incurred in the regular and normal operations of the organization, plus any amounts for unusual expenditures as authorized by a majority of the Board.
by the end of May, submit a year-end financial report to the Board.

The recording secretary shall -
keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all PTSO and Board meetings. Such minutes are to be reviewed and approved at the next PTSO meeting.
issue PTSO By-laws to each new Board member upon taking office.

The corresponding secretary shall -
circulate the agenda to all membership prior to the meeting.
conduct the general correspondence of the PTSO.
chair the membership of the committee.


Membership - The Board shall consist of the five officers and the School Principal (or his/her representative).  It may also include two student representatives selected by the Natick High School Student Council, and two faculty representatives selected by the Natick High School.  All shall be members, in good standing, of the PTSO.

Term of Offices - No Board Member, other than the principal, shall serve in the same position for more than two consecutive years, but may continue to serve on the Board in another capacity.

Duties - The Board shall be the governing body of the PTSO, and, as such, be charged with the general management of the PTSO.


A.  Membership - shall arrange membership drives and registration of members each year and shall maintain a complete and current list of all members in good standing. This list shall be made available to the Board.

B.  Communications - shall publish and distribute The Link, the newsletter of the PTSO, four times a year;  shall facilitate publicity and communications for members of the Board and committee chairs.

C.  Hospitality
- shall be responsible for providing refreshments at PTSO meetings and other programs as deemed necessary.

D.  Scholarship Committee - shall consist of no less than three and no more than five members.  No members shall have a child eligible for scholarship during the given year. The committee shall award scholarships based on the criteria established by the PTSO.


On or before March 1st each year, the Co- Presidents shall organize the Nomination Committee which shall include two parent representatives from the high school. It may also include one parent representative of the incoming class from each  Middle School. The Committee shall select one Committee member to act as Chairperson.

The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of candidates for the annual election. The slate shall include the name of at least one person for each office of election.

Each March, the nominating committee shall notify the High School community that candidates are being sought for PTSO offices.
The slate of candidates will be publicized at least two weeks prior to the May meeting at which elections will be held.
Nominations may be made from the floor at the May meeting. If the elections are contested, the voting will be done in writing.


Meetings will be held monthly, with the exception of June. Only items which have been posted on the agenda will be voted on. All other matters discussed must await the next meeting to come to a vote. A simple majority of the voting members shall decide all issues.

These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members in good standing present and voting at a duly called general meeting. The general membership shall be apprised of the proposed amendments at least two weeks prior to the said meeting.

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