School Council

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Natick High School Council Members:
Brian Harrigan, Principal

Dylan Guarino
David Wilson
Jay Pillai
Mark D'Angelo

Erica Kaswell

Fatoumata Jaiteh

Tatiana Carrasco
Kyle Chase
Megan Curran
Cricket Lemon
Jasmine Teng

Carla Crisafulli 
Kathy Wick
Lisa Blair
Laurie Levesque Trachtenberg 
Mary Saladna Shipman

Community Members:
John Haswell

Responsibilities of the School Council:
The Natick High School Council has elected and selected as outlined in the Education Reform Act of 1993, the Natick representatives from the parent body, the school staff and the community to serve on the council.  Elections are held in order that all parents and staff have a full opportunity for representation.  The Natick High School Council membership includes six parent representatives, four teacher representatives,  three community representatives, three students, and the school principal.  As delineated in the Education Reform Act of 1993, the School Council has specific responsibilities that need to be addressed in the school improvement plan.  The areas identified include but are not limited to the following: 

Class size and impact on student achievement
Enhancement of parental involvement
Parent involvement is addressed by:
- open house
- teacher/parent conferences
- correspondence from the principal
- parent programs
- School Councils
- volunteer opportunities
- Parents Coordinating Council
- curriculum nights       

School climate, safety, and discipline
On a yearly basis the council reviews the school's safety and discipline codes which foster a school environment characterized by tolerance and respect for all.  

Professional development
Natick High School continues to address professional development on an ongoing basis through the following activities:
- System-wide programs
- Attendance at conferences and seminars
- School-based curriculum meetings
- System-wide curriculum meetings
- Summer curriculum workshops
- Study groups   

Extracurricular activities such as clubs, performing groups, intramural and interscholastic athletics

Review school's budget
School Council participates in the annual budget process

The Natick High School Council examines all of these responsibilities during the year, identifying school issues and needs along with formulating appropriate plans for programs and resources that support continued improvement.  Natick High School is committed to the delivery of an exemplary program for all its students consistent with the development of the knowledge and skills identified in the Common Core of Learning.

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