Gap Year Programs

A Gap Year is a period of time between completing high school and beginning college when a student steps outside the traditional classroom experience. This is a time to explore the world, reflect on their personal values and goals, and prepare to take the next purposeful step in life. Gap Year programs give students an opportunity to expand their perspective and gain direction that give the college years meaning and focus. For many students, Gap Year programs provide them with time to develop independence and confidence as well as pursue various fields of interest.

Gap Year Fairs - USA Gap Year Fairs is a national circuit of events that bring together reputable Gap Year organizations, interested students and parents, high school college counselors and the Gap Year experts. These events are designed to provide students with a broad exposure of Gap Year Programs and the opportunity for face to face conversations with the people who work in the field. For students and parents interested in Gap Year, these fairs are the legitimate source to connect with reputable organizations that focus on Education, Service and Personal Growth. 

Interested students can register on the USA Gap Year Fairs website.


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Gap Year Programs:

  • www.internboston.com - Comprehensive, custom-tailored internships
  • www.adventurescrosscountry.com/gap/ - Gap semesters offer an educational bridge between high school and college.  Gap year programs are 90-day semesters that offer an opportunity to live, work, learn, and explore in different areas of the world
  • www.summerdiscovery.com- Diverse, pre-college summer enrichment opportunities in the USA & abroad
  • www.american.edu/spexs/augap/ - Immersive academic experience in Washington, D.C.; Internship and Classroom Experience
  • www.outwardbound.org - Outward Bound; Outdoor Leadership Programs
  • www.cityyear.org - City Year; Full-time Service Opportunities in Schools and Communities
  • www.habitat.org- Habitat for Humanity; World-Wide Volunteer Opportunities
  • www.peacecorps.gov - Peace Corps; World-Wide Volunteer Opportunities
  • www.americorps.gov - AmeriCorps; National Network of Community Service Programs
  • www.teenlifeboston.com - Internship, Community Service, and Gap Year Programs
  • www.whereareyouheaded.com - Personalized guidance to help you plan your Gap Year
  • www.earthwatch.org - Earthwatch Institute; Research, Education, and Conservation Internship Opportunities
  • www.servenet.org - Youth Serve America; Volunteer Opportunities
  • www.dynamy.org - Internship Year Programs; Transition to Higher Ed.
  • www.gapyear.com - Backpacking, Volunteer Opportunities and Travel Planning
  • www.interimprograms.com - Gap Year Counseling; Over 5,600 Program Opportunities
  • www.nols.edu - National Outdoor Leadership School
  • www.afs.org - Intercultural and Community Service Programs
  • www.thecenterfordigitalarts.com - Students learn about animation, animal production, filmmaking, photography, web development, graphic and web design
  • www.ciee.org - 3 different program types and more than 15 global locations, CIEE offers high school graduates a chance for personal growth and fine-tuning their skill sets before college.  Encompasses a variety of interests: language and culture, service and leadership, and global internship
  • www.unitedplanet.org -Non-profit organization with a mission to create a global community, in over 30 countries
  • www.gapyearsolutions.com- Gap Year Solutions offers internships, work, service and travel into a structured Gap year plan.  

For more information on Gap Years, please visit TeenLife.com.

For a more comprehensive list of Gap Year Programs, please click here!

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