Senior Internship

The Senior Internship Program is offered to students during the last quarter of senior year. The goal of the internship program is to promote on-the-job training while developing the necessary skills needed in the workplace.

Students must demonstrate:

  • Maturity and responsibility
  • Good academic standing
  • No major disciplinary issues
  • A good attendance record
  • Able to represent themselves/school in the community

The Senior Internship Program allows students to:

  • Identify and explore career fields before they commit to years of preparation
  • Receive academic credit for completed internship experiences
  • Discover the relevance of their academic studies to work
  • Learn the standards and expectations of the working world
  • Evaluate their employment skills and needs
  • Test their decision-making abilities in workplace settings

Senior Internship Policies

Senior Internship Requirements

Senior Internship Fact Sheet for Employers

Portfolio Checklist

Finding an Internship Site

  • All students should identify and submit their internship site to Mrs. Hanna by February 9, 2018
  • Please sign up to meet with Mrs. Hanna should you need assistance with locating an internship site

Steps for finding an internship site:

  • Be Resourceful: Make a list of all of your personal contacts, who do you know that can help you find the internship site that you want?
  • Do Research: Search for local business and organizations that you are interested in and reach out to them.
  • Reach Out: Get in touch with contacts/businesses over the phone or in writing.
  • Be sure to proofread the email before sending it out. Include a bit about yourself (Natick High senior), why you are interested in this particular internship site, and provide the dates (April 2 - May 11, 100 hours onsite).
  • Resource:

Forms needing signatures (signed forms submitted to Mrs. Hanna):

Internship Portfolio: Due Wednesday May 16, 2018 (with the exception of the Essay due May 4 to English Teacher)

  • Updated Resume (sample resume): To include most recent internship experience
  • Helpful tools: Naviance Account - About Me - Resume or Microsoft Word Templates - Resume
  • Employer Fact Sheet (sample fact sheet): To include business information, specific job titles you are interested in and the steps needed to obtain those jobs
  • Weekly Time Sheet and Reflection: Record time, answer journal prompt and obtain supervisor signature. Reminder - students must intern for a total of 100 hours.
  • Massachusetts Work Based Learning Plan: Tool used by student and employer to promote and measure growth in general skill areas. Employer should review during first 2 weeks and again during the last week.
  • Final Summative Essay: Reviewed and graded by the English Department.
  • Student Evaluation
  • Copy of Thank You Letter to Employer

Internship Showcase Presentation:

Students will prepare a visual presentation of their internship, showcasing their experience and what they have gained from it. Students should be prepared to answer questions and go into more depth about his/her experience.

Visual Format:

  • A 3-fold display board (36” x 48”) or a technology based (PowerPoint, iMovie, Google Doc, etc.) presentation.
    • If using technology, must include small board to include basic information (name, workplace, job description)
  • Visuals are great! Some people prefer having handouts (1 pager or informational card/brochure) 

All Presentations Must Include:

  1. Your name
  2. Company name & location of your internship
  3. Mentor information (name, job title, description of his/her job responsibilities)
  4. Your job description (what did you do, primary duties, working hours, etc.)
  5. List an important/surprising/valuable skill or concept you learned during your internship
  6. Visuals and/or artifacts from your internship (photos, samples of work you did, etc.)
    • Always remember to gain permission prior to taking photos at your internship placement
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